Thursday, March 14, 2013

What if...?

Last night, Sissy finished reading a book of short stories to Mommy.  At the end, the author explained where the inspiration for each story came from; many came from his habit of writing a "What if...?" question for himself each day.  We liked the idea, so Mommy asked Sissy to come up with a "What if...? question each day, and Mommy (or I) will try to find time to write about it.

Not her first question, but mine... what if a bunny wrote a blog?  I realize there are some bunny greats out there in film and literature: Roger Rabbit, Bugs Bunny, Little Bunny Foo Foo (a bit of an embarrassment to the bunny world), Knuffle Bunny, and of course, all of the bunnies from Watership Down, among so many others.  But most of them pre-date blogging.  (Knuffle's friend, Pigeon, does have a Twitter account.  He's a bit strange.)

But I have to wonder what some of their blogs would be like.  I can imagine Bugs Bunny writing some pretty funny stuff, but Roger has a pretty short attention span... Twitter might be a better option for him.  Hazel and the other rabbits from Watership Down could write some pretty interesting stuff, given the chance. 

But this blog is mostly about my family, and the fun things we do.  I just have to remember to write occasionally in between all the fun we're having.