Monday, April 8, 2013

Mommy is sad.

A couple weeks ago now, Mommy (and Daddy and Sissy) went to her aunt's funeral.  I went with them, but didn't go to the actual funeral.  Her aunt had cancer for quite a while, but the end still came as a surprise to everybody.

As funerals go, it was short and filled with friends.  Afterwards, everybody went back to the house and looked at photos of Mommy's aunt and talked for ages and ages.  But it makes Mommy sad that with all our fancy technology, we still can't fight diseases like cancer fully.

Mommy and Sissy had talked about participating in Locks of Love when Sissy's school hosts it, but their hair isn't nearly long enough for that, so instead they've decided to participate in St. Baldrick's... they're both going to have their heads shaved!