Thursday, November 8, 2012

Any job I want

Well, I'm a plush bunny, I don't have to work.  So let's talk about Mommy's job instead.  For the record, she likes the job she has most days (everybody has off days, right?).  A few years ago, she planted her first edible crop... spinach.  And it actually grew!  (As opposed to the time she killed catnip.  But that was a long time ago.)

Since then, the vegetable garden grows a little bit each year and she's even started reading books about it.  This spring, she read a book called All New Square Foot Gardening, and followed the dirt mix recommendations and planted the seeds in a grid pattern, just like they said to.  It worked pretty well too!

A backyard garden is a small step towards farming, which she would enjoy.  Unfortunately, Daddy's opposed to having chickens (he had some when he was younger), so she can't get fresh eggs in the mornings.

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