Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Emerging from the rabbit hole

I'm a lucky bunny, I haven't taken a bad trip yet.  Of course, I'm less than a year old, so it could still happen at some point.  Our trip was good, but Mommy put the laptop down in a corner when we got there and never turned it on.  She works on the computer, and likes to get away from it when she has time off, but I didn't think she'd leave it off for four days!

We got back home and then she had to take Grandma to the airport and catch up on work during the one day before Thanksgiving.  And Grandma left behind more than expected... she gave Mommy a cold, which was not as cute as the Giant Microbe one pictured here.

And then Thanksgiving and a crafting weekend with Sissy (she's making gifts for her classmates and teachers), so Mommy was barely at the computer.  Which she says is a fabulous thing, and expects to spend more time crafting this upcoming weekend. 

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