Friday, November 9, 2012

Changing one thing

There are a lot of little things Mommy would like to change - several involve more sleep and quieter cats in the morning - but one that she is seriously considering is writing these blog posts after her morning tea.  But with the way her schedule works out, she can't always guarantee she'll have time to write later in the day.

Meanwhile, she's trying to find herself a birthday present more than two months early.  Daddy's family celebrates adult birthdays in seasonal batches, with each person buying themselves a gift.  Mommy just found out last week that her birthday celebration is tonight and has been doing a fabulous job of not actually finding herself a present.  She looked through her Amazon wishlist, flipped through the Harry and David gift ideas, wandered around a couple deal websites that she likes... and nothing has clicked.  Who knew that shopping for yourself could be that hard?  (She's ignoring my recommendation to go shopping at Build-A-Bear.)

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