Thursday, November 15, 2012

Favorite pet

Mommy says I'm her favorite pet, because I believe in sleeping in.  All three cats get up pretty early; they think breakfast should be served about 10 minutes before the alarm rings.

Mr. M and Miss D used to take turns meowing until somebody got up to feed them.  Then Miss J moved in... she can really howl!  The start time varies - if the Aerogarden timing gets messed up, it can start really early - but she can just keep going until somebody gets up.  The other two cats don't even help her most of the time, because she's willing to meow non-stop, even if she starts an hour before the alarm rings.

Despite that, I know Mommy loves them all.  Mr. M curls up under the covers with her on cold nights, and Miss D keeps her legs warm.  If you lean in when Miss J is sprawled out, she'll rub heads with you, which is so cute!

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